Friday, February 10, 2006

Low-Fat Diet Debunked by Study

For years doctors have sung the praises of a low-fat diet. While it makes sense on the surface, an eight-year study that tracked 49,000 women aged 50-79, seems to suggest otherwise. Regardless of whether participants were assigned to low-fat diet or left to their own devices to eat what they pleased, they experienced the same rate of heart disease and cancer. While the $415 million research was deemed "the Rolls Royce of studies," some doctors speculate that the study did not go far enough in terms of measuring the benefits of a low-fat diet. One criticism is that the study should have targeted younger women. Another is that the percentage of fat in the low-fat diets should have been kept lower than 24-29%. Finally, some nutrition experts claim that it's less about the amount of fat in your diet and more about the type. Either way, it's clear that the more we study the link between diet and disease, the less we really know.


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