Thursday, November 11, 2004

Combatting Winter's Sensory Deprivation

As the air gets colder, many of us find ourselves eating more. In part, it’s our body's way of adding extra padding to help keep us warmer for the coming months. But another reason for opening the pantry, I would argue, comes from the increased need for sensory stimulation. As the cold prompts most plants to go into a dormant state, we lose so many of nature's smells. Covered in layers of clothing, our skin is prevented from coming in contact with the warmth of the sun or the mist of rain. Consequently, we tend to overcompensate in the taste department by reaching for all sorts of goodies. To combat this, find other avenues for indulging your cravings. Look for ways to incorporate scents into your home whether it's cooking with more spices, lighting fragrant candles or using lemon-scented soap. And opt for low-calorie options like herbal tea for a flavor fix without all of the calories.


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